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These pages provide clinical advice for the public and members on a range of orthoptic core, advanced and extended roles


The Falls CAG promotes the importance of vision in preventing falls and supports orthoptists to develop their roles in falls multi-disciplinary teams


The Glaucoma CAG promotes the extended role of an Orthoptist in areas of glaucoma, providing education and training opportunities, sharing best practice and making recommendations for service models

Low Vision

The Low Vision CAG promotes the continuing development of low vision practice in order to provide the highest levels of service and equality of care throughout the UK and Ireland

Medical Retina

The Retinal Disease CAG promotes the extended role of an orthoptist in areas such as diabetes, AMD and imaging, sharing best practice, providing training opportunities and providing a communication network for those with an interest in these areas


Works with universities to promote exemptions courses and provide support and guidance to members when they start practising with exemptions.

Neuro – Orthoptics and Ophthalmology

The Neuro-Orthoptics/Ophthalmology CAG promotes the specialist and extended role of orthoptists in Neuro-Ophthalmology and supports them to develop their role in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with specific neuro-ophthalmic conditions as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team

Paediatric Ophthalmology

The Paediatric Ophthalmology CAG provides a platform for continued professional development and the sharing of knowledge as well as for the promotion of this sub-specialist area and the valuable work Orthoptists can and are doing in this area.

Special Educational Needs

The SEN CAG promotes the importance of the assessment and treatment of visual problems in children and adults with special educational needs and support the development of orthoptists working in this area

Stroke and Neuro Rehab

The aim of the CAG is to promote dedicated Orthoptic services for individuals who have had a stroke or neurological deficit. Our target is to promote specialised assessment, treatment and research for this complex group and for Orthoptists to have a role as part of the multi-disciplinary team in improving a patient’s rehabilitation journey

Vision Screening

The Vision Screening CAG provides oversight and direction to members with the aim of improving population based vision screening and enhancing vision outcomes

Visual Processing Difficulties

Promotes the role of Orthoptists working with children who are struggling to access the school curriculum because of treatable visual processing difficulties