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Are you looking for a challenge and a leadership opportunity? Wanting to support the professional body and development of Orthoptists and Orthoptics? Are you looking to expand your CV and extend the portfolio of your career whilst building networking opportunities? We’re dependent on the hard work of our volunteers to be able to provide vital support and representation to our members.

You will find information on all our current vacancies below.

BOSTU Vacancies

New Roles Available! Later this year the Union will appoint a General Secretary, President, and Executive board that will comprise of representatives from NI, Scotland, Wales and 3 representatives from England. These officers will serve to discuss and have final say on all decisions regarding all matters of the Union. This will enable us to underpin the work of [...]

Board of Trustees – ROI, Wales and LOOP – Deadline 28 Feb 2021

Board of Trustees Are you interested in the strategic leadership of the professional body and could you provide that leadership in turn to your country or regional members?  A Trustee has a responsibility for the governance and financial running of BIOS and provides the strategic direction for the profession and as such all Trustees are voting members of the [...]

Research and Innovation Director (BIOS Council Member) – Deadline 28 Feb 2021

Research and Innovation Director Are you interested in research or currently in a research role? This post is to support members to develop their research skills, signpost to relevant resources and advance the BIOS research strategy. The research Director also leads the research mentors network.  This is in addition to representing the profession at a national level in networks [...]

Clinical and Non-Clinical Advisory Group Roles

We are seeking expressions of interest from any members would like to be involved with a number of our clinical and non-clinical groups (CAG and n-CAG). These are great opportunities for any member with a particular clinical and/or academic interest in one of these areas to help the profession shape practise and provide guidance for members in these areas [...]