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Orthoptic Visual Processing Difficulties (VPD) Clinical Advisory Group

CAG Lead

Kathryn Whitfield

What is Visual Processing?

It is the brain’s ability to process and interpret what the eyes see.  It includes how the eyes work together (binocular vision), tracking of the eyes whilst reading, making fast eye movements, visual comfort and the perceptual aspects of vision. When a child or an adult has difficulties with visual processing this can produce signs and symptoms and they may be referred to an orthoptist who specialises in this area.

The VPD CAG is a team of highly skilled Orthoptists with a special interest in children who are struggling to access the school curriculum because of treatable visual processing difficulties.

Orthoptists will:

  • Determine visual problems relating to reading and writing skills
  • Manage the visual processing difficulties in a child or young person centred way.
  • Offer support to parents and teachers
  • Offer advice and guidance to schools, Colleges and Universities.

How do I get to see a specialist orthoptist?

We are creating a map of services that offer assessment and treatment for visual processing difficulties – this will be available soon.  In the meantime please ask you SENCO teacher at school or your GP for advice about referral.

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