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As the only body representing Orthoptists across the UK and Ireland, we do a huge amount of work advocating on behalf of our members on the issues that matter to them.

On these pages, you’ll find the latest updates from our policy and campaigns work and information on how to get involved.

Our focus

Much of our campaigning and policy work is focused around these key themes, drawn from our strategic aims:

  • Support and expand the orthoptic profession. Orthoptists play a vital role across the NHS, diagnosing and treating visual defects in a wide range of patients. For example, we have been involved in promoting recruitment through the I See the Difference campaign and are currently working to support the provision of clinical placements following the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensure that orthoptic expertise is available to all, when needed. We look to provide an evidence base demonstrating the impact of orthoptic professionals for use in conversations with policymakers and those responsible for providing services. We also work to ensure that the full potential of orthoptists is recognised, including the increasing amount of advanced and extended roles.
  • Promote the status of orthoptists as leading professionals within eye care and wider healthcare services.  We work to ensure that orthoptic professionals are given full support to play a leading role in health services, for example through our work campaigning for orthoptists to be given independent prescribing responsibilities. Alongside our colleagues in the AHPF, we also promote the importance of orthoptists and other AHPs in leadership positions within the NHS.
  • Promote the importance of vision and eye health. Work, alongside other stakeholders where appropriate, to promote the importance of eye health services. For example, we have campaigned to ensure the universal provision of orthoptic-led child vision screening.

If you’d like to get involved, find out more about our current work below or take a look at our influencing page.

Current work

I See The Difference

Read about how we’ve been helping to promote courses in orthoptics as the route to a rewarding career and find out how you can get involved.


We’ve joined with other health Unions to call on the government to ensure NHS are paid properly. Get involved on the campaign website.

Independent Prescribing

We are working alongside other professional bodies to call on the government to extend independent prescribing responsibilities to orthoptists and other AHPs.

Vision Screening

We are calling for an orthoptic-led national screening programme in England, so all children receive the same care, regardless of where they live.


Find out more about how you can get involved in standing up for orthoptics and access resources to support you.


We respond on behalf or our members on a wide range of consultations, to ensure that we have a voice on matters of importance to the orthoptic profession.