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The CAG has a steering committee which is comprised of experienced clinicians actively involved in retinal disease service provision.   The role of the steering committee is to represent the profession in this area and to make recommendations for service models, develop clinical competencies and guidelines both professional and national.  The steering committee is responsible for identifying, reviewing and updating information resources and providing an education resource in the area of retinal disease.

The Retinal Disease CAG is open to all members who are involved or have an interest in diabetes, AMD, other retinal conditions and imaging.

The BIOS Retinal Disease CAG aims to:

  • Promote the extended role of an orthoptist in areas such as diabetes, AMD and imaging nationally
  • Provide a communication network for those with an interest in these areas
  • Share best practice and make recommendations for further service/role development.
  • Provide training opportunities

CAG Leads

Annabelle Searle and Clare Cooley

Email: [email protected]

Medical Retina Courses

Professional Certificate in Medical Retina, University of Cardiff:

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