Falls CAG

Falls CAG Leads

  • Jigs Mehta (Academic) and Aishah Baig (Clinical)

Email: [email protected]

General information


To promote the importance of vision in falls patients and support orthoptists in developing their roles in falls multi-disciplinary teams.


  • To share best practice and aim to develop evidence based assessments of visual functions in falls patients.
  • To develop and maintain patient information leaflets on the importance of ‘eye health’ to prevent falls.
  • To review and communicate relevant literature/research evidence to members.
  • To engage with relevant national guidelines on ‘falls’.
  • Provide a support network/forum for all those who have an interest in falls.
  • To encourage high quality research and audit with respect to vision and falls through support and collaboration between orthoptists in UK and Ireland.
  • To provide CPD opportunities for orthoptists with an interest in falls e.g. study days and sign positing to various forums/conferences and articles.

Mission Statement

We will….

Champion the role of the orthoptist in a multi-disciplinary falls team

Encourage and support collaboration between orthoptists and other health professionals and continued professional development to ensure patient centred care for falls patients.

Disseminate guidelines on best practice to ensure high quality care is delivered to falls patients through service evaluation and evidence based practice.

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