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LOOP (Leads Of the Orthoptic Profession)

  • Chair – Krishan Parmar
  • Contact details – [email protected]
  • We aim to provide advice and support to Orthoptic Heads, Deputy Heads and Leads of Orthoptic services.

Please check your staff data.

Accurate data is essential for us in promoting our profession. We’d like all Orthoptic managers to check their ESR data and report any inconsistencies to your AHP Manager or HR Workforce planning.

You can download NHS Improvement’s guide here.

Benefits of joining LOOP

LOOP has been instrumental in developing heads and lead orthoptists in their professional roles and driving our profession forward. The chair of LOOP is a BIOS Trustee enabling the voice of the heads and lead orthoptists to be heard and allowing for rapid access to national policy and strategy.

The aims of LOOP include providing advice and support to orthoptic heads, deputy heads and leads of orthoptic services. We welcome members with any form of leadership role within our profession and we encourage any orthoptists with a leadership role to join LOOP.

Quite often the difficulties and barriers you encounter as a Head, Manager or Lead are often similar, so shared learning and knowledge has huge advantages.

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