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Welcome to the Members Area

The Members Area contains extensive information and resources on orthoptics only available to BIOS members.

Educational and Professional Development

The Educational and Professional Development area contains information for the public and members on the standards, guidelines and competencies that underpin an orthoptists work

Clinical Advisory Groups

These pages provide clinical advice for the public and members on a range of orthoptic core, advanced and extended roles

Non-Clinical Advisory Groups

These resources support members in non clinical areas of practice


Please visit these pages to find information about advancing orthoptics and promoting research materials for members

Public Health

Public health is part of our core role – find out more here

Leads of the Orthoptic profession group

Ensuring that orthoptic services are managed safely and meet the needs of our patients

Posters and Leaflets

BIOS posters and leaflets for use in your department.


Our campaign to raise awareness amongst other healthcare professionals, commissioners and policy makers about the vital role of Orthoptists.

Events and PV Forms

Useful guidance and resources for organising BIOS events and Parallel Vision requests.