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Vision Screening CAG

Co – Lead: Dr Miriam Conway

Co – Lead: Eve Purcell

Email: [email protected]

Mission Statement

The purpose of the BIOS Vision Screening CAG is to provide oversight and direction to members with the aim of improving population based vision screening and enhancing vision outcomes.


  • promote high quality and equitable vision screening programmes nationally.
  • provide a communication network for those with an interest in vision screening.
  • share best practice and make recommendations for evidence based service models.
  • advise and contribute to national policy making on vision screening.

It is recognised that there is variation in provision in the UK and Ireland. Through sharing audit and comparing models throughout the UK and Ireland the CAG can inform the evidence base in support of vision screening and our role in it.

Current Screening Provision

In 2013, following a major evidence review, the National Screening Committee (NSC) recommended that Orthoptic-led screening for visual impairment should be offered for all children aged 4 to 5 years.

Children’s vision screening is still not consistently commissioned throughout England.

Child vision screening – GOV.UK (

Child vision screening standards

In Wales Orthoptists are working with the Welsh Government for Vision Screener-delivered testing and have an agreed all-Wales Vision Screening Care Pathway.

Health in Wales | Document | Children’s Vision Wales Pathway (4-5 year olds)

In Northern Ireland there is regional vision screening in schools with all 4–5-year-olds a having a vision test by nurses trained by Orthoptists.

In the Republic of Ireland vision screening is delivered as part of the national core child health programme by school nurses trained by Orthoptists.

Vision Screening Campaign

BIOS are calling for an orthoptic-led national screening programme in England, so all children receive the same care, regardless of where they live. Find out more about our campaign on the policy pages.

Find out more here.

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