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Vision Screening CAG Leads

Karon McCarthy and Alison Bruce


Mission Statement

The purpose of the BIOS Vision Screening CAG is to provide oversight and direction to members with the aim of improving population based vision screening and enhancing vision outcomes.


  • promote high quality and equitable vision screening programmes nationally.
  • provide a communication network for those with an interest in vision screening.
  • share best practice and make recommendations for evidence based service models.
  • advise and contribute to national policy making on vision screening.

It is recognised that there is variation in provision in the UK and Ireland. Through sharing audit and comparing models throughout the UK and Ireland the CAG can inform the evidence base in support of vision screening and our role in it.

Vision Screening Audit Academic year 2018-19 – Request for data

Data for the 2018-19 Vision Screening Audit is due for 31st May 2020. You can find out more and download the guidance and forms here.

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