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An orthoptist & not in BIOS?

The more of us who stand together to share knowledge and promote the profession, the stronger we will be.  Visit our Why Join BIOS? section for full details of membership benefits and how to join our vibrant online community, regional & country networks and special interest groups.

BIOS and Orthoptics

Orthoptics is a small profession (fewer than 2,000 members in the British Isles), regulated in the UK by the Health & Care Professions Council.  Its all-graduate workforce is fed by three universities: Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow Caledonian. BIOS is a professional body and (in the UK) a trade union, representing members at national and local levels. Learn more about BIOS in our About BIOS section.

Thinking of becoming an orthoptist?

Want to become part of this small but essential profession?   Visit  Careers in Orthoptics section.

Seeing an orthoptist?

Need more information on conditions of the eye and how orthoptists may be able to help you? Information for Patients


What do orthoptists do?

We diagnose and manage disorders of binocular vision and mainly work in the NHS. We assess and manage patients of all ages and work in various settings - independently and in multidisciplinary teams - and the work includes:

  • Assessing babies and small children for defects of vision including children with special needs
  • Treating adults with double vision associated with other conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, neurological conditions e.g. multiple sclerosis
  • Ensuring speedy rehabilitation of patients who have suffered stroke and acquired brain injuries and have vision problems
  • Diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma - a long term eye condition
  • Assessing patients before and after surgery for cataracts and visually impaired patients for aids

Orthoptists are ideally placed to ensure effective services for patients.  Our versatility provides exceptional value for money as part of the eye healthcare team.

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