Next week is the second ever #GreenerAHP Week, an opportunity to learn and share what it means to be a more environmentally sustainable AHP, and to raise awareness of the links between health and climate change.

The week kicks off on Earth Day and consists of several free online presentations from health and social care, primary and acute trusts, Greener NHS and different Allied Health Professions. It is also an opportunity to highlight sustainable activities happening in your own trust and engage staff.

The link between climate change and health is well established yet the care we are delivering often contributes to the problem. Here is a chance to learn more about how climate change is affecting health, how health systems are affecting climate and what we can do about it.

The NHS was the first healthcare system in the world to set a target to be Carbon Net Zero and we can all play our part in achieving this. As health professionals and care organisations we have a duty to ensure that the care we are giving is not playing a part in damaging our patient’s health. AHPs are well placed to play a role in getting to Net Zero while ensuring high quality care for all.

The actions we take to improve health and reduce ill-health and inequalities also benefit our planet. As part of the larger AHP care group, made up of 14 distinct professions, orthoptists have the power to implement changes that can make a real difference. Amending the way we work and our actions at home, even in small ways, will help build towards the target of being Net Zero. Find out more about change you can make here.

How can you get involved?

As the third largest clinical workforce in the NHS, AHPs play an important role in delivering a Net Zero Carbon NHS.

The full programme of activity for the week is available here. Sign up to attend the various sessions throughout the week and gain inspiration from fellow AHPs.

To get involved in your team you may want to:

If you are interested in finding out more: