Although our Orthoptic colleagues in ROI are not covered by our BOS trade union, we would like to offer them a message of solidarity as they embark on a period of industrial action.

In July 2023 Fórsa balloted Orthoptists alongside 7 other professions ( Dietitians, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work and Social Care Work) they were asked whether they felt industrial action needed to be taken as regards to the lack of review of the career pathways for health and social care professionals been fully implemented as currently there is little or no opportunity for progression in clinical specialisms, advanced practice and management roles.

An overwhelming 93.5% voted Yes. From Monday 11th September a work to rule will commence. This is to include: Withdraw from all cooperation with third level student placements and education. This includes but is not limited to supervision of student placements, provision of guest lectures, engagement with research projects.

  • Withdraw from all engagement and discussions in relation to ongoing change management programmes across all care areas. This includes but is not limited to any working groups, planning meetings, restructuring proposals, consultation meetings, scoping exercises, discussion meetings / forums/ surveys etc – whether online or in person.
  • Boycott all engagement in relation to HSE Health Regions (also known as Regional Health Areas).
  • Boycott all engagement and discussions related to 7/7 working week / weekend working / extended day working.
  • Decline to undertake tasks, functions or responsibilities associated with any vacant post.
  • Withdraw from all national committees, advisory groups etc and decline to attend any meetings whether online or in person.

On behalf of myself, the BOSTU Executive board, BIOS and all UK members, we wish to offer our camaraderie to all our colleagues in the ROI and they embark on this difficult journey for justice.

Equitable – Respectful – Honest – Caring

If you are interested in finding out more:

Fórsa is a public sector union, and respresents over 30,000 health and welfare workers including health and social care professionals, clerical, administrative, management and technical staff.

As BOS TU are unable to represent members in the Republic of Ireland, most of our Irish members are members of Forsa. You can find out more about their work and join via their website here.