There’s never been a better time to develop your career and a new animation and careers resource developed by Health Education England can help you do just that. It aims to inspire, motivate and unleash the often-untapped talent across all the Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) across the country.

The careers resource includes eight potential areas for career development. Within each area, it provides a wealth of information to highlight the wide range of career development options, all whilst continuing to work clinically if desired.

AHP colleagues taking different career journeys from across the 14 disciplines appear on film. Visit the resource to find out what has helped them, how they have overcome barriers and what they enjoy most about their work.

We are delighted to see orthoptist colleagues featured in the education and  research planets. Thanks to Jo Adeoye and Anna Horwood for taking part and sharing their experiences.

Jo is a Lecturer in Orthoptics at the University of Liverpool. Describing her role, Jo says “we all do some clinical work to keep up our expertise in the clinical area, which is really enjoyable because I get to see the patients and the patient contact.” And the best bit of her job? “I think the thing I most enjoy about my job is being able to contribute to the profession.”

Anna is a Professor of Orthoptics & Visual Development at the University of Reading and a Research Director at the BIOS. Talking about a research career, Anna advises “the qualities that a good researcher needs is not assuming that everything that you’re always told is perfect. It’s questioning things, it’s reading around it a little bit, it’s finding out if there are other ways of doing it, or saying ‘oh there’s a new technique in some other discipline, could we use that?”

Do watch the other videos on the resource – there’s a great variety to choose from. You’ll see that there’s no right or wrong career path and we are fortunate to have so many options. The careers resource is designed to help you decide what’s right for you and help you create the right opportunities.

It’s a new year, so how about a new you? Take a look and venture into the universe of opportunities to help you shape your own career path and make an even bigger impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

The careers resource is hosted on the HEE e-Learning for Healthcare website and can be accessed here:

If you are interested in finding out more: