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I See The Difference: Promoting Careers in Orthoptics

One of our top priorities is ensuring the future of our profession by raising awareness of just how rewarding a career as an Orthoptist can be. This is the focus of the I See the Difference campaign.

Orthoptics can only be studied at three universities in the UK. Recruitment to these courses has declined in recent years and has been further threatened by the removal of NHS bursaries from 2017/18.

I See The Difference looks to counter this by raising awareness of orthoptics and the diverse and fascinating work done by Orthoptists.

The strategy is focused around a new digital hub www.iseethedifference.co.uk/orthoptics, as well as a social media campaign, #ISeeTheDifference, with a  dedicated Twitter page.

Officially launched in September 2018, the campaign is part of the Strategic Interventions in Health Disciplines (SIHED) programme. This is a three year initiative to deliver sustainability of the Allied Health Professions, with a particular focus on the four most vulnerable, Orthoptics, Podiatry, Therapeutic Radiography and Prosthetics and Orthotics. The overarching messages of the campaign will highlight the connections Allied Health Professionals make with patients and the job satisfaction these connections bring.

How to Get Involved

Show your support by downloading the campaign materials and sharing on your social media feeds. We are also looking for ambassadors to work with us to inspire a new generation of Orthoptists.

To find out more and download a range of BIOS resources, log in to the members area below or contact careers@orthoptics.org.uk.

How do I become an Orthoptist?

More information about how to become an Orthoptist can be found in our prospective student pages.

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