We’re looking for someone passionate about rising awareness of allied health professions to write a series of blogs demonstrating the positive impact that Orthoptists in Scotland have on the health and well being of patients.

You’ll receive experience and guidance in writing blogs, CV enhancing national exposure and profile, the gratitude of fellow AHP clinicians and get paid for your time!


Project Aim: To increase awareness of AHPs among the public and policy influencers by generating a widely accessible bank of “stories” which demonstrate AHPs positive impact on health and wellbeing outcomes.

Allied health professions (AHPs) have a major role to play in offering transformational health and social care services to improve health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland. This includes health promotion and preventing ill health as well as contributing to the improvement of both physical and mental health and wellbeing of people of all ages across Scotland.

An increased awareness of the actual and potential roles for Allied health professions amongst both the general public and crucially policy makers and service leaders will help to ensure AHP input and impact is maximised to the benefit of all stakeholders including service users, operational and strategic services leaders. Sharing positive impact stories among AHPs themselves will also help to spread evidence based good practice across Scotland.

The AHP Directors Scotland Group (ADSG) and the AHP Federation Scotland (AHPFS) have agreed to do a joint project to generate a bank of AHP positive impact stories for use on social media, in policy documents, presentations etc. – wherever it is beneficial to demonstrate the sort of impact AHPs can and do make on health and well-being outcomes.

The project proposed seeks to compliment and provide material for the AHP Social Media group which is being co-ordinated by the Scottish Government’s Chief Health Professions Officer in collaboration with ADSG and AHPFS.


The task:

  • All writers must provide at least 5 stories by Friday 6th December 2019 and at least 1 of these by 10/10/19 (in time for AHP Day on 14/10/19)
  • Blog stories must conform to key messages and “blog / story” quality criteria.
  • The method “Blog” story writers gather or generate the stories will be determined by them and their professional body contact.


“Blog” story writers will;

  • Receive guidance on how to write good blogs.
  • Be supported by a contact in their own professional body
  • As a joint AHP Directors Group / AHP Federation Scotland project, local AHP Directors are also aware of and supportive of this project.


  • “Blog” story writers will gain blog writing guidance and experience; CV enhancing national exposure and profile and the gratitude of AHP clinicians, users and leaders across Scotland.
  • “Blog” story writers will be paid £400 for their time.


Person Specification:

“Blog” story writers should ideally fulfil the following person specification.

  • Be an HCPC registered Orthoptist or undergraduate student in Orthoptics
  • Be based in Scotland
  • Be familiar with health and / or social care and / or education policy in Scotland – and know what is likely to appeal to audiences such as the public, national and local government, MSPs and other key stakeholders
  • Ideally have experience of writing short, persuasive, evidence based stories, leaflets or blogs
  • Be demonstrably enthusiastic about promoting AHPs and the need of all AHP service users.

To apply to become the “Blog” story writer for BIOS get in touch with Rich Huzzey by Monday 21 October 2019  on richard.huzzey@orthoptics.org.uk with your current job role and a brief (100-200 word) description of why you are interested in this role.

  • Not in Scotland? We’d still love to hear your stories. You can download a template here.

  • Find out about our work promoting Orthoptics on our Policy & Campaigns pages.