We have become aware that Apassamy Associates of Chennai 600 106 India have copied our original Kay Picture Test vision testing optotypes from 1984 and displayed them incorrectly in their IChart Lite, IChart HD and Smart HD digital charts for the past 11 years, together with other random pictures.

Please can fellow eye professionals share this notice to alert colleagues around the world that using this illegal version of our paediatric vision test will not provide the accurate acuity measurement that they would expect from the Kay Picture Test.

Kay Pictures Ltd has not licensed this product, and we are very concerned that medical decisions may have been based on an incorrect test with the Kay Picture Test name on it. We understand that around 4,500 of these charts have been sold. Please can anyone who has a chart like these in their Apassamy digital vision testing chart please get in touch, via contact@kaypictures.com.

The directors at Apassamy Associates have been contacted by us several weeks ago to cease and desist but have failed to provide evidence that they have acted on this. We are particularly disappointed that our name is used in their sales literature to promote a test that Hazel Kay has spent time and effort improving since the very early version.

Below is information from the instruction page in the Apassamy product.

The new 2016 Kay Picture Test has benefitted from 30 more years of professional knowledge and clinical experience to make it as accurate, reliable and consistent as an optotype test can be. You can find all our vision tests here.

Thank you!