In response to ‘the strength of feelings and the arguments’ put forward by registrants, the HCPC has decided to reconsider its proposal to increase fees by 18%.

The HCPC announced late last year that it was planning to increase its fees by 18% from October 2019, an increase that would have meant that fees had risen by 40% since 2014. This would have massively outstripped inflation and had a hugely negative impact on many healthcare workers who have seen their wages stagnate over the same period.

BIOS joined with other AHP professional bodies and trade unions in opposing this unfair and unjustified rise. Our consultation response reflected the views of the vast majority of registrants, with 90% of those that responded opposing the increase.

The response from our members to this was fantastic, with many writing to their MPs to voice their concerns – a campaign that contributed to 137 MPs from across all parties signing an Early Day Motion in opposition to the rise.

As a result of this opposition from across the sector, the HCPC have decided to reconsider their decision and revise the original proposals. While we await details of a new proposal and will continue to push for a positive outcome for our members, this is a welcome development and testament to the actions and commitments of our members, as well as those of the other professional bodies and trade unions representing AHPs.

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