BIOS responds to the Interim NHS People Plan


BIOS welcomes the publication of the Interim NHS People Plan on Monday and its recognition of the need to provide strong backing to the NHS workforce if they are to deliver on the Long Term Plan. However, the plan still lacks sufficient detail to show how these positive ambitions can be realised, particularly without any substantial increase in funding. In particular, we were encouraged by the continued focus on increasing recruitment to undergraduate courses in orthoptics, and other shortage professions. The orthoptics profession has already seen progress in this through the Office for Students funded Strategic Interventions in Health Disciplines [...]

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Brand new video for World Orthoptic Day 2019


To mark World Orthoptic Day 2019, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new video explaining a little about the work that Orthoptists do. This year, Orthoptist Martha Waters discusses the importance of vision screening in uncovering amblyopia in children. She then explains what amblyopia is, describing how it can be treated by an orthoptist and the profound effect this can have on a child's vision.. You can find out more about orthoptics in our public information section Find out about our My Eyes My Orthoptist Campaign, also launching on World Orthoptic Day [...]

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World Orthoptic Day 2019


On 3 June every year, IOA World Orthoptic Day is the opportunity to heighten the visibility of the orthoptic profession and to promote the activities of orthoptists locally, nationally, and internationally. This year as always BIOS will take this opportunity to increase awareness of the valuable work being done by Orthoptists. This year sees the launch of our long-awaited #MyEyesMyOrthoptist campaign, aiming to promote a greater awareness of the vital role of Orthoptists. The IOA will be running their much loved annual orthoptic-selfie competition. We will be releasing a new educational video on amblyopia and the importance of vision screening. [...]

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First UK-wide Public Health Strategic Framework launched


The new AHP (Allied Health Professionals) Public Health Strategic Framework is launched today, by Public Health England and the AHPF, of which BIOS is a member. The Framework sets out the vision for the roles of Allied Health Professions in public health over the next 5 years and the goals to achieve that vision. Orthoptists in public health Orthoptists already play a huge role in promoting public health and continue to make progress. Last week’s AHP Public Health Impact Report highlighted a few of the ways in which they have made a significant impact. Orthoptists were instrumental in [...]

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NICE Quality Standards for Serious Eye Disorders


The Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC) welcomes the recent publication of the NICE Quality Standards for Serious Eye Disorders to support the planning and delivery of high quality care. We are particularly pleased to see that these have adopted Indicator 11 from the Portfolio of Indicators for Eye Health and Care: “% Hospital appointments that occur within 25%  of their intended follow up period, including rescheduling of hospital initiated cancellations and non-attendance” in the following quality statements: NICE QS 4 - Process statement (c) for AMD NICE QS 5 – Process statement (b) for Glaucoma This is another [...]

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Work and Health e-learning for healthcare professionals


The new Work and Health e-learning programme, developed by Public Health England and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare, helps healthcare professionals to recognise the value in talking to patients about work. The e-learning will support them to make brief interventions such as discussing the health benefits of work with patients, talking about return to work and advising on adjustments at work. Good work is crucial to good health - in fact, unemployment increases the risk of early death by 63%.  Healthcare professionals can play a key role in helping patients to improve their health outcomes by remaining in or [...]

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Urgent Request: Please check your ESR data


We are calling on all Heads of Service and Professional Leads to check their data on the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) to ensure that it correctly identifies the amount of Orthoptists. In our work promoting the orthoptic profession, it is essential that we have accurate data. However the current data from the ESR has inflated the number of Orthoptists working in the NHS. Indeed, current figures from NHS Digital records more Orthoptists working in the NHS than the total number registered with HCPC. This is potentially due to the inclusion of other eyecare professionals working in the same departments, such as [...]

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Changes to enhanced shared parental and child bereavement leave


Following the 2018 pay deal, shared parental leave pay is due to be enhanced for employees under the 2018 NHS Terms and Condition of Service. Child bereavement leave provisions will also be introduced. The NHS Staff Council has assembled a partnership sub group to take this work forward and help organisations prepare for the introduction of new arrangements, likely from 1 April 2019. Shared parental leave Shared parental leave is currently available in the NHS but unlike maternity and adoption pay, shared parental pay is only paid at statutory levels. Pending endorsement from the Staff Council (including from devolved administration [...]

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New research on visual problems in acute stroke survivors


A new University of Liverpool study, published in PLOS One, highlights the high incidence and prevalence of visual problems in acute stroke survivors. A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. The injury to the brain caused by a stroke can lead to widespread and long-lasting problems. Currently, visual problems are often under-reported by survivors of acute strokes. In order to ascertain the number of new cases of Post stroke visual impairment (PSVI) and their prevalence, researchers from the University’s Department of Health Services Research, led [...]

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