The Centre for Advancing Practice’s Supported ePortfolio Route is opening very soon!  We are expecting there to be a limited number of supported places for applicants in this first wave of opening the portfolio route.

These supported places will be suitable for our Orthoptists who feel that they are able to closely match the ACP framework, which includes the four pillars of advanced practice.  Your portfolio will be reviewed and you will be given feedback on any areas that might need a ‘top-up’ with a view to helping you to achieve this and we expect some financial and HEI support to be given.

These supported places are shared between all professions, therefore they are likely to be taken up quickly and it would be great to see some of our advanced Orthoptists, progress, with support, to ACP status, via this route.  The webinar detailed below will be a great place to start!

The Centre for Advancing Practice Supported ePortfolio Route is designed to enable Practitioners to evidence that they meet the advance practitioner requirements described in the Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England (MPF). Currently, individuals would normally evidence this by successfully completing a Centre accredited Advanced Practice Programme.

The Supported ePortfolio Route will provide an alternative route to do this by mapping knowledge and skills to the MPF using the Centre’s ePortfolio.

The online application form for this route will be available via the Advanced Practice website from 13th December 2021 and will remain open until late January 2022.

To support, we have developed a guidance document , a set of FAQs and held a webinar, which you can view below. We are also planning to offer a webinar for professional bodies, and would like to understand what interest there’s likely to be.

For further details please see: