World Orthoptic Day 2021

World Orthoptic Day 2021 was a fantastic success once again. Orthoptists around the world took to social media to promote the profession and share what they’ve been doing to celebrate.

In particular the IOA’s Orthoptic Selfie competition and the brand new Orthoptic Tetris Challenge caught peoples’ imaginations, with some fantastic entries coming in from all around the world.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

On the ground there were celebrations across the UK and Ireland, including displays, games, cakes, and whatever this is.

We received support form across healthcare, including professional bodies, CAHPOs, other AHPs and, via the new Northern Ireland Orthoptics Twitter account, a message from the Minister of Health.

We’re all hoping that this time next year, we will be able to have a lot more happening in person, but it was extremely positive to see a number of you take to social media for the very first time this week. If you’re still looking to get more involved do make sure you check out our member social media guide here [login required].

If you are interested in finding out more:

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  • Find out more about IOA World Orthoptic Day 2021 here.

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