The Vision Screening CAG has collected BIOS national vision screening audit data since the 2014-15 academic year. Collated data have formed reports used as evidence to support decisions made by the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) and development of Public Health England (PHE) guidance on vision screening. Additionally service providers have found the information useful to benchmark their own services and drive service improvements. The latest report, for 2017-18 is available here:

Last year the data collection period was changed to February/ March following feedback, as many areas were unable to collect all data by the previous December deadline. Unfortunately, submissions were significantly reduced. This may have been due to a shorter period from notification requesting data to the deadline and less reminders to prompt submissions.

The Vision Screening CAG are still working with PHE to develop Standards with the aim to publish these later in 2020. Data from the audits has been essential in these discussions and will continue to inform appropriate expectations for standard setting. It is vital therefore, that the data used is a full and as truly representative as possible.

The 2018-2019 academic year data collection period is now open. There are some minor changes to the data request to clarify the screening outcomes and recording of true and false positives. Area coding has also changed to recognise changes in provision. The spreadsheet (excel workbook) for submission consists of three worksheets; please fill in the two data sheets (site information and screening data) and use the third sheet to obtain your new area code and area name. There is also a guidance document, which gives a full description of the data to be submitted in each cell.

Please help to develop the evidence by sending your area audit data via the excel spreadsheet by 31st May 2020 to Please contact Helen Griffiths if you require any additional information or are interested in getting involved in the data collection and analysis.

Helen Griffiths

Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Vision Screening CAG Steering Group Member