“My Eyes, My Orthoptist: A single vision approach to eye care”

Orthoptists play a key role in identifying serious eye conditions. However, there is a lack of awareness amongst healthcare practitioners (HCPs), commissioners and policy makers about the vital role of Orthoptists. The #MyEyesMyOrthoptist campaign is designed to address this.

What is the campaign calling for?

  • A greater understanding of Orthoptists amongst parliamentarians, healthcare professionals, the public and wider stakeholders; particularly in delivering the prevention agenda: The campaign will raise awareness of the work Orthoptists do and the value this has to patients and the wider NHS. We will engage with policy makers, HCPs and commissioners and support you to do the same.
  • To implement mandatory vision screening for 4-5 year olds: BIOS is calling for an Orthoptist led National Screening programme for children across the UK. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have mandatory vision screening programmes, but access in England is less consistent. Some Local Authorities are failing to commission vision screening creating a postcode lottery for children. BIOS will campaign to ensure all children receive the same, best care.
  • More Orthoptists in leadership roles within the NHS: BIOS supports the Allied Health Professions Federation in its campaign to see more AHPs in leadership positions. We want to see the removal of arbitrary barriers to promotion for Orthoptists and ensure that our profession is represented at all levels within the NHS.

If you have any questions about the campaign please do contact us at campaigns@orthoptics.org.uk.

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