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Useful Information and Resources

Here you’ll find helpful information if you are seeing an orthoptist and advice and resources for managing your vision problems.

Child Vision Screening

Information for parents and carers on what vision screening is and why it is important. Includes what you child should expect and links for further information.

Stroke or brain injury

Explains how you vision might be affected following a stroke or brain injury. Information on how an orthoptist could help and tips and advice on how to manage your symptoms.

Visual Processing Difficulties

Information on accessing services, if your child is struggling to access the school curriculum because of treatable visual processing difficulties

We are in the process of expanding this section. In the meantime,our specialist groups provide information and resources for patients on their pages below.


Provides advice on the importance of vision in preventing falls

Low Vision

Provides information and resources to support patients living with low vision

Special Educational Needs

Resources to support children and adults with SEN, who have visual problems


Provides links to further information on Glaucoma and managing the condition

Neurological conditions

Information on how neurological conditions, such as MS, Parkinson’s or brain tumours, can affect your vision, including available support and guidance