Orthoptic Benevolent Fund2019-09-24T15:31:50+01:00

Do you know of any Orthoptist in financial difficulty?

It could be an orthoptic student, or a working or retired member of the profession.  The Orthoptic Benevolent Fund provides grants and interest-free loans to help orthoptists in difficult financial situations when they are unable to access help from other agencies.

In the past we have helped students fund placements, helped to keep severely disabled colleagues living an independent life, and provided financial assistance for people who have found themselves in debt through circumstances beyond their control.

Please contact Carolyn Calcutt: carolyncalcutt@aol.com for further information, giving full personal details and supplying names of referees or colleagues to substantiate your application.


  • Name
  • Mailing address and email address
  • Place of work/study (where applicable
  • Name and email address of 2 referees
  • Please attach a statement outlining the reason for your application, the amount of money required, and other bodies approached for assistance