Dr. Marianne Coleman, orthoptist and research fellow at University of Surrey, has been awarded the Squint Forum Prize by the Royal Society of Medicine for her groundbreaking dementia research. The annual Squint Forum Prize recognises high quality research presented by non-medical professionals at any strabismus conference. Marianne will present her research at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in December, at their annual Squint Forum meeting.

Marianne’s research, funded by an inaugural Primer Fellowship Award from Fight for Sight and the Royal Society of Medicine, looks at how binocular vision may be affected by dementia, and whether changes in pupil size during memory tasks could be a helpful biomarker to track dementia progression. Pilot work for this project, carried out with support from Guildford County Council’s Park Barn Centre, was funded by the British Isles Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Association Research Award and presented by Marianne at their annual conference, where she was selected to receive the Squint Forum Prize.

Marianne’s research will have concluded by December 2019, and she will be actively looking for opportunities to share her research with orthoptists in practice. If you are organising a regional clinical meeting and have a presentation opportunity for Marianne, she can be contacted on m.coleman@surrey.ac.uk

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