NHS Improvement and NHS England have produced a new interactive leadership guide for allied health professionals (AHPs), which was released at the Chief AHPs’ Interim People Plan Conference in Birmingham today.

About the new guide

This new interactive PDF resource shares the findings from a project to explore common factors which contribute to AHP leadership development.  By combining trust executives’ expectations of AHP leadership, with individual accounts from chief AHP leaders (see also – ‘Investing in chief allied health professional leadership: insights from trust executives’), the report identifies the common features that combine to create a platform and framework for AHP leadership at all levels and an extensive list of helpful resources, hints and tips.  It was developed to provide ideas and opportunities for aspiring AHP leaders and those who support the development of the AHP workforce, to ensure that the AHP workforce is developing the leaders required for the future.

The guide will also be useful for:

  • AHPs with leadership aspirations
  • those supporting the development of future AHP leaders
  • those developing AHP leadership capacity and capability within their organisation and system
  • those supporting AHP workforce appraisal processes
  • career coaching and mentoring conversations

More information is available on the NHS Improvement website here.

If you are interested in finding out more: