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A message from the Chair of LOOP


Hello from the Chair of LOOP I would like to say thank you for all those that took the time to complete the feedback survey following the LOOP conference in May. The feedback was very positive and we are using the suggestions from the feedback to shape next year’s conference. There was a definite theme emerging from the suggestions including job planning, workforce, extended roles/advanced practice, cost improvement projects and bench-marking of services. Therefore I would like to hear from any Heads/Deputies/Leaders to contact me with any examples of these topics and agree to share these at next year’s LOOP [...]

A message from the Chair of LOOP2019-10-09T10:54:32+01:00

A message from the RoI Trustee


As the Rebublic of Ireland Trustee I would like to say thank you to all of our members who have engaged so well in our recent BIOS CPD activities we have organised in Ireland. I would also like to encourage participation in the development of a Strategic Framework for the Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP).  This is the RoI equivalent of the AHPF in the UK, and it is important that as many of us get involved as we are such a small profession. It is great to see good uptake of BIOS events, and we are very excited [...]

A message from the RoI Trustee2019-09-23T15:23:40+01:00



I was delighted to be asked to attend this year’s TUC congress in Brighton as a BOS TU delegate. As with many of us, I am a member of the union and have an interest in current affairs and NHS politics which may affect our working lives but I haven’t had a more active role. Having never been to a TUC congress before, I did not know what to expect. My first impression of the congress was the sheer size of the event; there were around 600 delegates from 48 different unions in attendance as well as media, visitors, exhibitors [...]

TUC CONGRESS BRIGHTON2019-09-30T10:52:21+01:00

IOA Congress comes to the UK


We are proud to host the 2020 congress of the IOA (June 20th-23rd) and see it come home to where orthoptics first began by Mary Maddox in 1928 and celebrate 92 wonderful years of Orthoptics. We are looking forward to welcoming delegates from across the world to share in learning, research, practice and education from across the globe, embracing the diversity of our profession. Orthoptics is a growing profession and there are opportunities for Orthoptists to enhance their skills, knowledge, expertise and practice into many areas of eye health, neuro rehabilitation and public health initiatives. In addition to the Congress, [...]

IOA Congress comes to the UK2019-10-07T12:58:12+01:00

Calm App


In our busy NHS world we are very focused on our patient’s health and well-being that we can sometimes forget about our own.  I have recently come across an app that many of you may have heard of, ‘Calm’, but did you know you could access it for free? The CalmHealth initiative provides healthcare practitioners with: a free one-year premium subscription to Calm a shareable overview of the benefits of mindfulness meditation a one-month premium trial to Calm for all of your clients A few years ago I would have dismissed apps like this without much of a second thought, [...]

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Digital Records Survey


In 2016 the e-SIG ran a preliminary survey on the use of digital records. A lot has changed since then and many more of you are now using digital records for orthoptic reports, so we are running a follow-up survey to see how people feel about their experiences. You do not have to be a Head to fill it in, we are interested in everybody’s experience. We are particularly keen to know What systems are being used and how? How you feel digital orthoptic records compare with written reports (the good and the bad things), so we really want responses [...]

Digital Records Survey2019-09-27T10:07:45+01:00

An update from the Trustee for Wales


The biggest difference between NHS Wales and NHS England is that our health care services are not commissioned. Welsh Government (WG) provides our funding which is divided between the Health Boards using the Barnett formula. Funding within Health Boards is then allocated to the separate Divisions and Directorates in the organisation. We are very fortunate that Orthoptists have direct access to WG through groups and work streams that shape eye care in Wales. These eye care groups and committees are a collaboration between WG officials, Orthoptists, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Third Sector organisations. One of the products of this collaboration is [...]

An update from the Trustee for Wales2019-09-16T11:27:13+01:00

VPD Update


Thank you to all the orthoptists who are involved in visual processing difficulties clinics. Regardless of what you call the clinic the outcome is the same. We are all working towards helping young people read well, improving self-confidence and self-perception and enabling children to access the curriculum. As you will have seen, we have a new clinical interest group meeting set for November 1 st in Wycombe General Hospital (High Wycombe) which we all hope you will support. We have some amazing speakers coming and it is so important that we get together to discuss ideas and share information. I [...]

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A Message from Joe Smith


Hello, my name is Joe Smith and I have recently been appointed as the BIOS New Graduate Representative. I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2018 and since then I have been working as an Orthoptist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. During this time, I have become aware of the positive contributions each of us can have to the development, quality and success of our profession. For that reason, I have been keen to contribute to our society in any way possible. As the New Graduate Representative, I hope to continue this and ensure the voice and opinions of [...]

A Message from Joe Smith2019-08-23T10:38:12+01:00

A message from Jill Carlton


I have been editor of the British and Irish Orthoptic Journal (BIOJ) since June 2016. As you all know the journal is held in high regard across the world. The journal is going from strength to strength. We have had an increase in the number of new manuscripts and starting to attract more international submissions. The “reach” of the journal is also increasing, with readers from the United States, France, India, China to name but a few! BIOJ is fully open access and we accept submissions relating to original research, review articles and case [...]

A message from Jill Carlton2019-08-12T10:46:43+01:00