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UK Stroke Forum 2019


The UK Stroke Forum (UKSF) was held between the 3rd and 5th December 2019 in Telford and saw over 1200 delegate come through the door. BIOS was represented by the Stroke and Neuro-Rehab CAG academic lead and members of the steering committee. They ran a charity stand throughout the conference which was well stocked with leaflets and information promoting orthoptics and the benefits of having orthoptists working within the stroke team. Several orthoptists made themselves known to be in attendance by visiting the BIOS stand. There was a lot of footfall to the stand with a lot of interest in [...]

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IOA Congress Funding – New Graduate Orthoptists


BIOS have had a very kind donation from the family of an Orthoptist who sadly passed away this year and remembered BIOS in her will. We would like to use the money to support new graduate BIOS members to attend the 14th Congress of the International Orthoptic Association (IOA), which will be held in Liverpool in June 2020. This is an opportunity to learn about recent advances in the field of orthoptics and ophthalmology and to meet colleagues from all over the world. The conference is only held every four years, and it is unlikely that it will be held [...]

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HEE AHP Workshops – supporting the workforce


I have been attending a series of meetings led by Health Education England (HEE) to support professional bodies and with a profession as small as ours they know the reach and impact is greater than just orthoptists in England. The first two workshops were concerned with the recruitment of students to the courses and the requirements to apply and successfully enter our undergraduate programmes and I would like to thank Helen Davis, BIOS Chair of the Education and Professional Development committee (EPDC), for attending the second workshop. The last two workshops have concentrated on Clinical placements capacity for our undergraduate [...]

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Health Education England Advanced Clinical Practice Conference – 14th November 2019.


I was invited to attend this conference on behalf of BIOS and the implementation lead for the OCCCF, Orthoptist Krishan Parmar, was one of the workshop facilitators.   Whilst we appreciate that this is a conference hosted by HEE the work streams around advanced practice and extended roles will impact all orthoptist across the UK and ROI. The opening address was given by Sir David Bevan, CEO HEE, and the 3 main points taken from his address were: The Interim people plan and LTP supports the delivery of ACP, multi professional teams and workforce planning to support clinicians working at the [...]

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Visual Processing Difficulties Clinical


On Friday 1st November 2019 at High Wycombe Hospital Lecture Theatre we held the Orthoptic Visual Processing Difficulties Clinical Interest day. The day was excellently attended by both Orthoptists and Optometrists with brilliant feedback from the speakers as well as the attendees. We had an enthusiastic room full of professionals keen to share their knowledge and experiences to assist us to not only investigate our patients but to the best and most accurate of our ability. The first speaker was Professor John Stein. Professor Stein is Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the University of Oxford. Although retired, he still teaches [...]

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A message from the trustee for Scotland


As trustee I am attending council and trustee meetings on your behalf as members to ensure you are getting the best service for your membership. I am open to any ideas or comments you may wish me to take to these meetings so please get in touch.  There are been lots of exciting things going on in Scotland in the last 6 months or so since my last message, so I have a few people to thank and few people to congratulate! From my last message we had just had our Spring clinical meeting, since then many orthoptists have begun, [...]

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BIOS Research Project


As part of a BIOS research project, we want to assess the experience new graduates have in their first year of working, and look at what support tools are put in place to help them develop into an autonomous practitioner. The best way to do this is by asking our new graduates! We are recruiting participants to come and talk to us about their experience with any support tool they were assigned when they started working after graduating. We will be conducting informal focus group interviews for new graduates and mentors to discuss, in groups, your experiences of the support [...]

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A message from Helen Davis Chair of EPDC


Since the Education Committee and the Professional Development committee merged, we have been very busy.  It is exciting discussing education from admission through to CPD and return to practice.  It is a great committee to be part of and meetings are always full of lively discussion. Recruiting on our undergraduate programmes has been a challenge recently.  We have been actively involved in the SIHED campaign and applications are increasing.  Thank you to all those clinicians that have attended careers events across the country.  Prospective students want to hear what life is like once qualified so if you can accommodate one [...]

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Starting Point Launched at BIPOSA 2019


Starting Point is a guide for parents and carers, whose child has a vision impairment.  The leaflets were introduced in 2016 and have been re-launched following feedback from service-users.  They are written in a positive and encouraging style and direct patients and their families to the new sight advice FAQs. The new leaflet is pictured here and is available to order from info@visionuk.org.uk and to download from:  https://www.visionuk.org.uk/starting-point-leaflet/ Written information helps patients and families to recall the information given to them during an appointment and the leaflet signposts to further information. Laura Hughes, mother of a vision impaired daughter, joined [...]

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Message from the Chair


A good news story – the BIOS Vice Chair – Julie Dowdney has just completed a trek of the Great Wall of China, including the dangerously steep Stairway to Heaven for the Bournemouth Hospitals Charity raising funds for the orthoptic department.  Months of training and conditioning helped Julie walk the 78 miles in 6 days, climb 980 floors and see sunrise and sunset on one day when the trek involved 10 hours of walking. Julie has shared some of her photos and would be very happy to talk to any members who are considering doing something similar for charity. [...]

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