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Funding for IOA Congress 2020


The International Orthoptic Association (IOA) Congress is coming to the UK this year, taking place 20-23 June in Liverpool. This is a fantastic opportunity and could be the we are keen to encourage as many members as possible to take advantage of this. We are therefore pleased to announce that we are offering two types of funding to support members in covering the costs of attending - Presenter Awards and New Graduate Awards. Presenter Awards The Council has agreed that £1500 will be made available to fund 6 awards of £250 each to help members who have submitted [...]

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National Education and Training Survey Open


Every year thousands of multi-professional learners undertake clinical placements. For Health Education England, the quality of teaching, learning and assessments in work-based placements lies at the heart of its responsibility in the NHS. The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) is now live, HEE are surveying all healthcare learners across all clinical learning environments about their placements. NETS is different because it gathers feedback from all learner and trainee roles across the NHS and beyond. By completing NETS you are helping to make improvements to the quality of education and training – helping you to deliver exceptional patient care. Complete [...]

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Member Get Member


The membership of BIOS is growing but we're looking to expand our community further! We know that the best way of reaching new members is through our existing members - you know what you value about being part of BIOS, and are perfectly placed to promote this to your colleges. A larger membership gives us more influence and a wider network of advocates to promote the orthoptic profession. This year, we have introduced a new Member Get Member campaign. If you're a BIOS member, for each new member that you recommend, we'll give you a £10 gift voucher to [...]

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Guide to using your CPD Log


One of the main benefits of BIOS membership is the support you gain to continue your education in orthoptics and develop your practice. This is not only a condition of HCPC registration but also key to being an effective practitioner. We offer a wide range of high quality CPD events, heavily discounted for our members. But we also now offer an online log within the members area on our website for you to record you CPD. Recording your ongoing training is incredibly easy with our CPD log, but we've put together a quick guide just to explain how it can [...]

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HCPC to reconsider fee increase in light of strong opposition


In response to 'the strength of feelings and the arguments' put forward by registrants, the HCPC has decided to reconsider its proposal to increase fees by 18%. The HCPC announced late last year that it was planning to increase its fees by 18% from October 2019, an increase that would have meant that fees had risen by 40% since 2014. This would have massively outstripped inflation and had a hugely negative impact on many healthcare workers who have seen their wages stagnate over the same period. BIOS joined with other AHP professional bodies and trade unions in opposing this unfair [...]

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Community Eye Services Framework – Consultation


We are currently seeking input from members to feed into our response to the Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning's (CCEHC) draft Community Eye Services Framework. The Framework, formerly known as the Community Ophthalmology Service Framework is intended as a national guide for Primary Care Networks (PCNs), Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), for the planning, commissioning and provision of eye health and care services. the changes have been made for consistency and alignment with otehr eye health services, namely Primary Eye Care Services and Hospital Eye Services. It forms part of the CCEHC's [...]

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Public Health England’s (PHE) new mental health campaign ‘Every Mind Matters’


We were all excited to see the launch of PHE’s major new Mental Health campaign, ‘Every Mind Matters’ on 7th October, supported by the Royal Family and numerous celebrities. The campaign supports everyone to feel more confident in taking action to look after their mental health and wellbeing – advocating a range of self-care actions to promote good mental health and tackle common problems, as well as signposting wider resources and services for those in greater need. Through use of the campaign’s content and navigation tool, our aim is for 1 million adults to be better informed and equipped to [...]

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BIOS Respond to the Prevention Consultation


BIOS today responded to the Department for Health and Social care (DHSC) consultation on tackling the causes of preventable ill health in England. We welcome the increased focus on prevention from the government but would encourage a greater focus on vision and eye care. We identify a number of areas in our response, such as child vision screening and orthoptic assessments for stroke and falls patients, that can have a significant impact in preventing both treatable vision defects as well as wider associated health issues. In particular we raised the need for: Mandatory child vision screening in schools and [...]

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Developing allied health professional leaders: a guide for trust boards and clinicians


NHS Improvement and NHS England have produced a new interactive leadership guide for allied health professionals (AHPs), which was released at the Chief AHPs’ Interim People Plan Conference in Birmingham today. About the new guide This new interactive PDF resource shares the findings from a project to explore common factors which contribute to AHP leadership development.  By combining trust executives’ expectations of AHP leadership, with individual accounts from chief AHP leaders (see also - ‘Investing in chief allied health professional leadership: insights from trust executives’), the report identifies the common features that combine to create a platform and framework [...]

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A Day in the Life of an Orthoptist


Through the magic of virtual reality, you can now experience what it is like to be an Orthoptist in an immersive 360 VR video. The video was produced by Health Education England (HEE), as one of four videos aimed at promoting careers in the allied health professions (AHPs). Designed for use with VR headsets, the video allows you to look around the environment and watch short films embedded in it. highlighting the typical work done by an Orthoptist. The videos can be found on the HEE website, along with videos on Podiatry, Therapeutic Radiography and Prosthetics and Orthotics. [...]

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