NHS Improvement have recently posted a new online discussion, giving AHPs the opportunity to voice their ideas on how the NHS can best maximise the impact of our workforce across the system.

Back in January, the NHS published its Long Term Plan, broadly laying out how it will look to develop over the next ten years to best provide a service fit for the future. There was much to be positive about, including commitments to increasing investment in CPD and taking steps to promote flexibility and career development. However, much of the success of the wider Plan will depend upon having sufficient workforce to deliver on its objectives.

The Long Term Plan will therefore be supported by a Workforce Implementation Plan, due to be published in the Spring. This online discussion therefore forms part of a wider stream of work by NHS Improvements exploring how they can ensure the necessary supply, development and retention of the AHP workforce to implement the Plan.

This is an excellent opportunity for Orthoptists to contribute to a discussion of how we can maximise our impact at a time when there is the potential for real change. Please do take this opportunity to sign up and contribute your ideas.

How can you help?

  • Have your say about how the NHS can ensure a sufficient supply of Orthoptists here.

  • Orthoptic Managers, read this guide and ensure that your staff numbers are recorded correctly.