Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Compendium 2020

To celebrate AHP Day 2020 (14/10/20) NHS Education Scotland, the AHP Federation Scotland, AHP Directors Scotland Group and AHP Social Media Group in Scotland have come together to produce the AHP Compendium 2020 to be published on the big day at

The compendium will feature stories on stroke rehab and the hugely successful See4School pre-school vision screening programme, written up by orthoptist Sophie Tsang.

In the e-book Scotland’s innovative, person centred, outcomes focused AHPs tell their positive impact stories – even in the time of Covid-19. The 21 stories tell of the impact of 11 professions working with children or adults in acute, primary care, social care, or early years settings at individual, group or population level to improve health, prevent poor outcomes, intervene early, cure or rehabilitate.

@ahpscot will be tweeting about the Compendium on the 14th – along with lots of other great AHP info.

You can be part of the story by retweeting and adding in your positive AHP comment. Please get your friends at work and home to do the same. Let’s see if we can get trending!

The AHP Compendium can be printed out as a whole or in individual pages to use for promoting AHPs whenever you get chance. More stories will be published on the same site and tweeted in the coming months.

If you have a positive impact AHP story to tell let us have it (up to 400 words with a Jpeg photo and approved by your AHPD). Send it to

If you are interested in finding out more:

  • The AHPs Compendium 2020 will be published on 14 October here.

  • Find out what’s happening across the UK for AHPs Day 2020 here.