Through the magic of virtual reality, you can now experience what it is like to be an Orthoptist in an immersive 360 VR video.

The video was produced by Health Education England (HEE), as one of four videos aimed at promoting careers in the allied health professions (AHPs). Designed for use with VR headsets, the video allows you to look around the environment and watch short films embedded in it. highlighting the typical work done by an Orthoptist.

The videos can be found on the HEE website, along with videos on Podiatry, Therapeutic Radiography and Prosthetics and Orthotics.

If you are interested in finding out more:

  • Find out more on the I See the Difference campaign page

  • Find out how to become an Orthoptist here.

  • Watch the videos here.

About the project

Produced through The Virtual Reality Lab at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, these films, or experiences, give a vivid insight into a day in the life of the podiatry, prosthetic and orthotic, therapeutic radiography and orthoptic professions.

Each of these professions has been described as being small and vulnerable, due to the lack of new trainees. This was the reason the films were created – to capture interest and explain, in a fully interactive experience with hotspots of additional film, what someone working in these professions is likely to experience, during a ‘typical’ working day.

The films use the latest immersive 360-degree VR technology and are narrated by the clinicians themselves – giving inspiring and informative insight into their chosen professions. Using VR in this way is cutting edge and is thought to be some of the first work of its kind in health and care careers. The project is part of HEE’s AHP programme’s strategy to improve the supply of AHPs to help deliver the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The project also supports HEE’s TEL Programme’s work on simulation-based education (SBE) and the SBE framework.

These 360-videos have been commissioned by HEE’s TEL Programme, in conjunction with HEE’s AHP Programme.