This page summarises BIOS's policies in certain areas; as a member of BIOS or a delegate registered for a BIOS event, a person agrees to be bound by some or all of these terms.

Business Description

Please find a full description of British and Irish Orthoptic Society, its purpose, activities, and statutory information on our About BIOS page.

Privacy Policy

BIOS takes the issue of privacy and data protection seriously.

  • It keeps NO information relating to its members' and customers' credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts, beyond what appears on statements from its bank and card payment provider.
  • It stores securely the personal data submitted by members when applying for or renewing membership; this data is available for review or amendment by the member at any time, by logging into the BIOS website.
  • It keeps the personal data of its members confidential at all times and does not share it with any external organisation for any purpose other than the International Orthoptic Association; and then only where the member's explicit consent has been given.
  • It holds archived records of ex-members for seven years from the end of their last year of active membership (required for professional indemnity insurance purposes); BIOS keeps membership list data only - first name, last name, internal ID nos., and years & levels of membership - beyond that date.

In the performance of their duties, BIOS officers at Society and branch level may from time to time require reports on the membership roll which include personal information. Such reports are necessary for the functioning of the Society and all members give their consent to this use of their own personal information by accepting the Society's terms and rules when starting or renewing membership.

Online card payments occur on the secure website of BIOS's card payment provider; BIOS has no access to the card details provided at the time of transaction. When card payments are made by phone, the payer's card details are entered directly into a form on the secure website of BIOS's card payment provider: BIOS keeps NO record of the card details given by the payer.

BIOS's card payment provider is currently PayPal: please examine its Privacy Policy (United Kingdom version) if you have any queries about its attitude to your privacy. 

BIOS is regulated in respect of the UK Data Protection Act and Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Refund & Cancellation Policy - Memberships

  • BIOS memberships are valid from the time of registration until the end of the membership year in question. Cancellation of membership at any time does not create the right to a refund of any kind.
  • If a member transfers to a different level of membership in the course of a membership year, then a pro-rata adjustment of that member's fees for the membership year will be made. Such an adjustment may require partial refund to the member of monies already paid or additional payment by the member.
  • Where a membership has been bought in error, or where a member has unintentionally paid twice for a membership or event, BIOS will make a full refund as soon as the error is confirmed. Such confirmation will be at the sole discretion of BIOS.

Refund & Cancellation Policy - Events

  • A delegate may cancel her or his registration for an event not less than fourteen (14) days before the event by notifying BIOS in writing. In this case, the delegate will be entitled to receive a full refund of any monies paid to BIOS on account of the registration.
  • If a delegate is unable to attend an event and has failed to give notice to BIOS in time to secure a refund, he or she may send another named delegate in his or her place (provided that the replacement delegate is qualified to the level required by the event) by notifying BIOS in writing of the name of the replacement.
  • If an event's details as displayed on the BIOS website show cancellation terms that differ from these, the event-specific terms will apply to the event.

Contact Information

Please visit our Contact BIOS page.

Delivery & Returns Policy

  • BIOS does not sell goods through its website; but PayPal Virtual Terminal might occasionally be used to accept payment for back copies of British and Irish Orthoptic Journal (an academic journal carrying scientific papers on orthoptics).
  • Each sale is negotiated individually as regards price and delivery charges; recorded delivery is standard.  Nothing is sent out unless BIOS has received payment in full.
  • If a delivery fails to reach its destination or is refused at the time of delivery because of damage received in transit, BIOS will send a replacement (if possible) or refund the price paid by the customer.
  • Returns are accepted only if a copy of the wrong volume has been sent to the customer. The customer must furnish visual evidence to BIOS that an incorrect volume was sent before returning it. In such a case, the correct volume will be sent as soon as the incorrect one has been returned.

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