What is BIOS?

Founded over 75 years ago (we celebrated our 75th Anniversary in 2012), BIOS is a professional and educational body for the UK and Republic of Ireland; it is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.  Most of its members live and work in the British Isles, with the remainder spread throughout the world. 

Orthoptics is a small profession of fewer than 2,000 in the British Isles; its all-graduate workforce comes from three universities, Glasgow Caledonian, Liverpool and Sheffield. These universities provide a workforce for all four UK countries and the Republic of Ireland.

The workforce is predominantly female with many working part-time. In the UK, most orthoptists work in the NHS. Orthoptists deal with patients of all ages from premature babies who need visual assessment to the elderly who may have double vision due to age-related macular degeneration or ocular muscle difficulties, or who may have visual difficulties after a stroke.

BIOS is affiliated to the Allied Health Professionals Federation, a grouping of 12 bodies together representing more than 130,000 health professionals in the UK. It also shares many members with BOS Trade Union. Beyond Great Britain and Ireland, BIOS is a member of the International Orthoptic Association and OCE.

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External course accreditation

If you are running an external course and wish to apply for BIOS accreditation please use this form:

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Statutory notice

This website exists to promote the aims and activities of the British and Irish Orthoptic Society. It contains information of value to practising orthoptist, to the patients of orthoptists, to those considering a career in orthoptics, and to those involved in the commissioning of healthcare. Memberships of the Society may be bought online, and orthoptists (members and non-members) may register for courses & conferences run by the Society. 

Charity: registered in England & Wales, no.326905

Company limited by guarantee: registered in England & Wales, no:1892427

Registered office: British & Irish Orthoptic Society, c/o Peters Elworthy & Moore, Salisbury House, Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2LA, UK

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