British and Irish Orthoptic Journal (BIOJ)

The journal is the official publication of the British and Irish Orthoptic Society. It contains papers covering orthoptics, ocular motility, amblyopia, binocular vision, strabismus, related paediatric ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology.The editorial board comprises leading British and Irish orthoptists and ophthalmologists. It is published in August each year.

2015 BIOJ Advertising Rates  **Black and white only**
Full page £1050/Half page £675; Inside back cover/opposite contents pages £1150 each

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Please order by telephoning the BIOS office on  +44 (0)1353 665541.

Only the current year's journal (2014) is available to buy in hard copy at a cost of £67 + £7 P&P - for members and non-members. The latest journal is usually published in the Autumn and is sent free of charge to members at their nominated postal address. Journals from previous years are available as a PDF on the BIOS members' website and are available for non-members to purchase in electronic version for £45 per issue.

Price for 2012 -  £65 + £5 P&P to external and other subscribers.

Price for 2013 -  £67 + £7 P&P to external and other subscribers.

Price for 2014 - £70 + £5 P&P to external and other subscribers

Price for 2015 - £70 + £5 P&P to external and other subscribers

BIOJ Editorial Board Editor- David Newsham mailto:d.newsham@liverpool.ac.uk

Editor David Newsham
Board member Lynn Baker MSc DBO(T) (D)
Board member Catey Brunce DSc MSc
Board member Jill Carlton
Mmed Sci (Orthoptics)
 BMedSci (Orthoptics)
 Board member
Marie Cleary
PhD DBO Cert Ec
Board member Alistair Fielder FRCP FRCS FRCOphth
Board member Helen Griffiths PhD BSc DBO
Board member Philip Griffiths FRCS FRCOphth
Board member Anna Horwood PhD Msc DBO(T)
 Board member
 David Laws FRCS FRCOpth 
Board member Tony McAleer MMedSci (Orthoptics) DBO(D)
Board member Merrick Moseley
Board member Caroline J MacEwen MD FRCS FRCOphth
Baord member
 Claire MacIntosh
MMedSci (Orthoptics) DBO (D)

Board member Elizabeth O'Flynn Msc DBO(D)
Board member Alison Salt FRCPCH FRACP
Board member Rob Taylor FRCS FRCOphth
Board member J Margaret Woodhouse PhD FSMC

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